Welcome to Oregon Trail Produce

Oregon Trail Produce ships red and yellow onions. They feature Oregon Trail, Country Classic, Super Marko’s, Savage, and Living in the Hartland brands.  Onions are categorized as super colossal, colossal, jumbo, and medium.  They also ship cartons and 3 & 5 lb. consumer bags.

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Oregon Trail Produce brand was developed in the 1950’s by Grandpa Sam Hartley I. Grandpa Sam established several packing sheds in both the Nyssa and Adrian areas.

In 1984, Mark D. and Sam Hartley started Oregon Trail Produce packing shed.  The packing shed is located in beautiful onion country, Nyssa, Oregon.

Oregon Trail Produce is a proud member of Certified Onions, Inc. For more information see Onion Links.

Oregon Trail produce ships approximately 600,000 bags of onions every year.  Oregon Trail Produce runs only onions grown by Hartley Farms, a sister company owned and operated by the Hartley brothers.